Z1- With Acreage 94 m², Spacious And Functional House With A Gable Roof, Easy And Cheap To Build

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1 With Acreage 94 m², Spacious And Functional House With A Gable Roof, Easy And Cheap To Build PROJECT DESCRIPTION The design of the Z1 house, despite the simple shape, looks interesting and attractive by a small stylization. It affects the reduction of construction costs. Due to the well-planned function of the interior, the design is spacious, and its structural layout provides freedom in the development of the space, ensuring optimal use on a daily basis. On the ground floor there is a comfortable living room with a passage to the kitchen. The living room, in which there is a corner fireplace, is connected one-span with a dining annex. In another variant, we placed a "double" fireplace on the wall from the garden - creating a barbecue place on the terrace. The basic version of the balcony is located on the garden side, which additionally gives shade on the terrace during hot days. The design can be in several versions: with a side terrace, with a bay window in the dining room or a room on the ground floor. For the group of people with cars, we planned to make a garage or sheds and arrange rooms above the garage. This project is also on the market under the name: - WAE1000 - TZJ-115 - SZ5 Z1 CE (DOM OZ1-96) TECHNICAL DATA Usable area / net 93.7 / 107.5 m² Building area 71,7 m² Cubature 9 381.69 m³ The usable area calculated in accordance with the minister's regulation of April 25, 2012, The height of the house is 8.18 m A depression angle of 42 ° The roof area is 132.45 m² The height of the 0.82 m elbow wall   Number of rooms 4   The type of house is brick HEATING INSTALLATION Gas, recuperation in the project   Primary energy (Ep) 93.8 kWh / m² / year Final energy (Ek) 81.6 kWh / m² / year   In the design, the heating method is adapted to the room's capabilities. If it is not possible to use a heater / s, then we use underfloor heating. CONSTRUCTION COSTS Estimated calculation of PLN 238 891 Z1 estimate estimate The price of the brick version is PLN 2,370 MATERIAL PROPOSALS WALL cellular concrete, ceramics, silicates STROP concrete, ribbed Roof tile, roof tile GROUND FLOOR 52,9 / 56,5 m² The shade of 2.6 m² Kitchen 8.9 m² The lobby is 3.7 m² Economic room 3,6 m² A toilet of 2.8 m² Living room 34.8 m² PODDASZE 40.9 / 51.0 m² Room 8.3 m² Room 10.7 m² 9.3 m² room WC of 7.3 m² The lobby is 5.2 m² in size MINIMUM LAND DIMENSIONS WIDTH 16.36 m LENGTH 16.58 m   DIMENSIONS OF THE FRONT FA EADE 8,36 m Learn more: https://slowniczek-pojec.html/ https://z500.pl/download.html?url=z500%2Fgalleries%2Fproject_costs%2F1%2F146850326652SD6.pdf More Videos: #tinyhouse #tinyhouses #smallhouse #cottage #cabin #tiny #tinyhome ============================ #TinyHouseLover is a channel sharing homes under 500 sq ft. In the past few years, #tiny homes have surged in popularity. They're economical, environmentally friendly, and encourage people to live minimally.